skarmoury / f1owercrown

18+ - she/her - taken

Hey! I'm Skar, a college student busy with majors (but enjoying what I do nonetheless). I have a lot to do, but I do find time going online and stuff!

I'm currently a Biology major interested in going to medicine, and I love a lot of cute things that make me happy. I also love my significant other a lot!

Hit me up at any of these sites, or know more about me!

I may be f1owercrown in some places, but call me Skar!

○ jan. 4
○ filipino
○ infp
○ crybaby
○ loud af
○ smol (4'10")
○ future MD (!!)

♡ bunnies & dogs
♡ stars & space
♡ blueberry cheesecake
♡ carnations

✗ coffee & dark choco
✗ thunder & lightning
✗ studying plants
✗ drawing attention